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Owner Tony Davis Suspects Fake Silver Dollars Made in China

A local man purchased 40 silver dollars from a street vendor near the airport outside the Atlanta Farmers’ Market. Forest Park police called in our very own coin expert and store owner, Tony Davis, to assess whether or not the silver coins were counterfeit.

The collection was said to be Morgan silver dollars. They were dated from the 1890s and marked minted in Carson City, Nevada. However, once home, the man used a magnet and suspected that the set of coins were made out of steel instead. He had paid $240 for fakes.

Tony examined the man’s counterfeit dollars using special scales, calipers, and the years of experience he had working with gold and silver. He concluded that the supposed silver coins were indeed replicas.

With the case solved, Tony gave a few tips on how to determine whether or not a silver coin was real. He advised that when purchasing coins, beware of neatly packaged Morgan silver dollars. Perfectly encapsulated coins are often a sign that they might be fake. Counterfeit silver dollars also tend to lack the fine details. They have a tendency to appear artificially aged, and they will most likely stick to a magnet. Real silver coins will not. Tony suspected the coins were mass-produced in China.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” said Tony.

The police confiscated the counterfeit silver dollars.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis