Popular Coin Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season


While the holidays are typically the busiest buying time of the year for us, it’s also a time when individuals are looking for gifts for their coin collecting loved ones.  However, if you’re not familiar with the hobby of coin collecting or numismatics, you may find yourself at a loss as to what would make a good gift.  Oftentimes, individuals end up settling for gold and silver bullion coins due to the large number of options available.  In today’s post, we’ll highlight what have been some of the most popular gifts over the years and will also provide a few recommendations as to what may make a nice gift.  This is a continuing series on helpful coin tips during the holiday season, which we kicked off with coin and bullion selling tips a little over a week ago.

American Gold & Silver Eagle Proof Coins

Some of the most popular gifts over the years have been American gold and silver eagle proof coins.  This may be due, in part, to the fact that individuals have seen gold and silver eagle bullion coins in their loved one’s collections and are looking to supplement the collection with something a little different.  These coins have been minted from 1986 through current, so if the individual for whom you are purchasing a gift is 27 years old or younger, you should be able to find a birth year coin.  Other popular dates are the year in which the coin collector’s children were born.  Because these coins are considered numismatic or collectible coins, they sell at an additional premium to bullion American gold and silver eagles, so expect to pay 2 ½ times the amount for silver eagle proof coins and a premium on the gold coins that may be an additional 5% – 10% above standard premiums.

$20 U.S. Gold Coins

No matter the age of the collector, there’s an allure to U.S. $20 gold coins that were previously minted for general circulation and used as money.  These coins contain approximately an ounce of gold and were minted from 1838 – 1933.  There are two different varieties, beginning with the $20 Liberty Head gold coin, which was minted from 1838 – 1907, and the $20 St. Gaudens gold coin, which were minted from 1907 – 1933.  The 1907 St. Gaudens is available as a high relief coin, which is especially attractive, but is also more expensive than the common date coins.  Because these coins are composed of 90% gold and weren’t used as frequently as silver dollars due to their relative high value, they can oftentimes be found in high end condition.  Even uncirculated versions of these coins don’t sell at substantially higher premiums than gold bullion coins, such as American gold eagles.

Complete Series of Coins

For lack of a better term, we’re referring to all coins available in a series of coins that were minted for general circulation.  For example, all Franklin half dollars minted from 1948 – 1963 or all Washington silver quarters minted from 1932 – 1964.  Complete collections can oftentimes be found in coin collecting books, such as Whitman folders or Dansco albums.  On occasion, they are also available in clear acrylic cases, which are ideal for presentation purposes.  At the moment, we happen to have in stock a complete collection of Franklin silver half dollars, Washington silver quarters and Large One Cent coins in display cases.  Additionally, we have several other specially prepared sets, such as uncirculated Mercury silver dimes and Carson City Morgan silver dollars in display cases.

Key Date Coins

As one of the Southeast’s largest buyers of coin collections, we commonly see series of coins or type sets that contain nearly all of the coins in the series, with the exception of the key date or low mintage coins.  The reason for this is because key date coins are not only more difficult to find, but are also more expensive.  While some key date or low mintage coins are outside of the budgets that most people set aside for gifts, below are some more reasonably priced key date coins that may be missing from the coin collection of your loved one:

  • 1914-d Lincoln cent
  • 1931-s Lincoln cent
  • 1921 Mercury dime
  • 1921-d Mercury dime
  • 1932-s Washington quarter
  • 1932-d Washington quarter

Decent examples of all of the coins listed above can be had for $50 – $150, and are most likely missing from the coin collection of your numismatist.

While there are plenty of other coins and sets that would make great gifts, such as silver dollar commemorative coins and sets, U.S. silver proof sets, and commemorative silver half dollars, the above coins tend to be some of the most popular coins that are purchased as gifts during the holiday season.  We have plenty of the above coins in stock, including others, so don’t hesitate to contact us today at 404-236-9744 to speak with an associate to discuss possible gift ideas for your friends and family.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis