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Proof Gold Eagles: Why Add Them to Your Collection?

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Proof Gold Eagles: Why Add Them to Your Collection?

Adding proof gold eagles to your collection makes sense for many reasons. They are not only beautiful but also valuable and highly sought-after by coin buyers around the world. If you are unsure, consider the following aspects of these marvelous coins.

History of Proof Gold Eagles

1986 proof AGEProof gold eagles have been around for a while now. Learning about their history adds value, or at least credibility, to your collection. After all, if you know how it all began, you develop a deeper appreciation of them. Beyond that, you have more information to better understand their value.

The American Eagle coin program began in 1986. The family of eagle coins now includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium eagles. However, that first year, the United States Mint started producing only Silver and Gold Eagle bullion coins for investors.

At the same time, the mint made special collector versions in the form of eagle proof coins. All these proof gold coins have been minted at West Point and bear the mintmark “W.” Since their first minting, these coins have fascinated collectors and investors alike. What’s more, that is true both in the United States and globally.

What Makes Proof Gold Eagles So Impressive?

Do you plan to keep your proof gold American eagle coins all to yourself? Will you display them proudly in your home? Or maybe you imagine showing them off to interested buyers? In any situation, they always impress. From the designs to the presentation to the metal itself, these are among the most gorgeous coins you will find.

The Proof Gold American Eagles are not minted using an automated process, but instead they are placed, inspected, and delivered by hand.


Beautiful Gold Eagle Designs

2021 Gold American Eagle Proof Coin

The obverse of the gold proof eagles features a design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. In the early 1900s, President Roosevelt decided American coins should be more attractive and artistically designed.

He then requested an artist; in this case Saint-Gaudens, who had created a beautiful bronze statue that Roosevelt admired. The artist responded to the president’s request. Thus, he designed the Liberty image that now graces the gold proof eagle’s obverse. The design is Lady Liberty, holding a torch and an olive branch. The graceful lady stands against a backdrop of the sun’s rays, stars, and the capital building.

The reverse side of the gold proof eagle shows Miley Busiek’s depiction of an American eagle flying above a nest where a family of eagles awaits. The eagle carries an olive branch in its talons. However, the 2021 American gold eagle reverse design was modified in part to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the American gold eagle program. It now features a highly detailed portrait of an eagle, created by sculptor Renata Gordon and designer Jennie Norris.

As seen in the image above, the 2021 Gold Eagles have gone through a redesign that many collectors are extremely excited about. The changes are detailed in the image.

Lustrous Gold

A gold proof finish is truly a sight to behold. The lustrous, dazzling effect shown on a proof quality American Eagle coin appeals to nearly any coin collector. The gold metal highlights the distinctive designs, the color, depth, and shine of a proof coin. This gives it an even more appealing appearance. With 91.67% gold, 3% silver, and the remaining metal in copper, the coin has just the right look of wealth and abundance.

Elegant Presentation

Most proof coins come in an elegant presentation box or folder. This type of presentation not only sets off the beauty of the coin, but it protects the coin as well. Along with the coin, you get a certificate of authenticity, the inner case, and an outer box.

It is important to keep in mind that you should keep the Certificate of Authenticity, inner case, and outer box with the coin, as they should be considered one item. Keeping everything together with the Proof Coin will ensure you the ability to sell more easily and at a higher rate, if you decide to do so later on. Additionally, all three parts are required for a proof gold eagle to be IRA-eligible.

A Popular Gold Proof CoinAGE proof 70

American gold eagle coins are popular everywhere. There are many reasons for this. First, they are easy to recognize and well-known around the world. Second, since the gold eagle bullion coin is one of the most popular gold coins from the U.S. mint, these proof coins are among the first choices for collectors as well. Because the coins are so popular, they are easy to sell or trade if you choose to do so.

High Intrinsic Value

Unlike many things one might collect, precious metals coins like the American Gold Eagle also have intrinsic value. That is, even if it lost its luster or was damaged in some way, it would still retain the value of its metal content. An ounce gold object still has considerable value, even if the collectors’ value is less than perfect. Furthermore, if you preserve the coin in its best condition, it has value for both collectors and investors.

Collectors VersionsProof American Gold Eagle 4 Coin Set

If you enjoy collecting rare coins, you are already in luck with any proof gold eagle coins. After all, the mintages of proof coins are typically far less than those of a gold bullion coin. Because they are collector items and are hand produced, they’re minted in lower quantities.

However, if you would like an even rarer proof gold eagle coin, consider a special edition. The End of World War II 75th Anniversary American Eagle Gold Proof Coin is a unique coin that will never be minted again. Struck in 2020, this coin features a “V75” privy mark with the shape of the Rainbow Pool found at the World War II Memorial in the nation’s capital. A total of only 1,945 coins were produced, which sold out at on the US Mint on the day they were released.

Another way to ensure you are getting a collectors’ item is to buy proof gold eagles in sets. You can get a 4-coin set that includes each of the sizes of proof gold eagle coins, including the 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz coin sizes. In addition, some of the fractional coins, such as the half-ounce or quarter-ounce proof eagles, are rarer and thus more valuable for their size.

Where to Buy and Sell Proof Gold Eagles

Would you like to add proof gold eagles to your collection or sell some extras you have on hand?  If so, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers offers a range of benefits for collectors everywhere. Our transparent pricing ensures you get top dollar for your coins when you sell gold coins to us.

We also publish an inventory of gold coins so you can buy now or put your name on a waiting list to buy later. Our precious metals experts are happy to discuss your options with you and offer recommendations based on our experience and expertise. Talk to us today to learn more about proof gold eagles and what they mean for your collection. We can be reached via phone, email sales@atlantagoldandcoin.com or by submitting a request on our contact form.

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