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By Appointment Only

Receive a Free Coin Appraisal Before Selling Your Coins

If you’re in the market to sell your gold, silver, platinum, old or rare coins and don’t want to sell to just anyone at any price, contact Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers to receive a free coin appraisal before committing to selling your coins.

While some coins sell for their scrap value, such as junk silver coins, other coins may be low mintage or key date coins that sell for a premium.  The only way to know if you’re receiving a fair offer for your coins is to do business with a transparent coin dealer who is willing to share their resources with you so that you can be assured that the coin appraisal you receive is accurate and competitive.

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, one of the leading coin dealers in Atlanta, is not only a transparent and reputable coin dealer, but we also take our time with coin evaluations so that you can be assured that you’re receiving a thorough and fair coin appraisal.  Unlike most Atlanta coin dealers, we see our customers by appointment only, which means that you’ll have our undivided attention and won’t have to worry about distractions from any other customers.

Also, we are truly one of the only family owned and operated coin dealers in Atlanta, which means that you’re going to be meeting with someone who truly cares about treating our customers fairly and seeks to form long lasting relationships.  You’ll never deal with an hourly employee who won’t give you the time of day and is only concerned about the end of their shift – not treating customers with the time and attention that they deserve.

Not only are we a family owned and operated coin dealer that prides ourselves on transparency and offering among the most competitive rates in the industry, but we also offer some of the most flexible hours in the industry.  We’re available to meet seven days a week, and often see customers before and after regular working hours to accommodate your busy schedule.

In summary, if you’re looking for a reputable coin dealer in Atlanta who provides all of the services that you’re looking for, including free coin appraisals, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers should be your coin dealer of choice.  Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 and let us earn your business!


Tony Davis
Tony Davis