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Receive More When Buying or Selling Morgan Silver Dollars in Atlanta

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve recently added to our silver dollar inventory and are selling Morgan silver dollars at prices well below our competition.  Most of the silver dollars are common date, but we have also had the opportunity to pick up some semi key date as well as key date silver dollars, including Carson City Morgan silver dollars that are still in the original GSA government packaging.

Interested in buying uncirculated Morgan silver dollars?  No problem!  We have plenty of uncirculated Morgan silver dollars that we’re selling at amazing prices.  Unlike most Atlanta coin dealers, we don’t rely on Redbook prices when selling Morgan silver dollars as we don’t believe that this guide is accurate determination of the market value of most coins, so if the coin dealer that you’ve been dealing with has been selling coins at Redbook prices, now’s the time to look elsewhere and consider Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

Why has Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers been buying Morgan silver dollars at a time when these coins are rarely coming to market?  Bottom line is that we pay more.  We not only pay among the high prices for common date average circulated condition bullion coins, but also pay a premium for uncirculated and key date coins.  This differs from many coin dealers in Atlanta, as you’re typically only offered a standard rate per silver dollar regardless of the year, mintmark, and condition.

While we’ve been busy buying Morgan silver dollars, they’ve been flying off our shelves at nearly the same pace, so we’re interested in continuing to buy Morgan silver dollars at industry leading rates.  In fact, just recently, a couple from Athens recently drove out to our Suwanee office to sell Morgan silver dollars, as we were the top paying coin buyer within an hour to an hour and a half from their place, so I guess that we not only pay among the highest prices for silver dollars in metro Atlanta, but possibly all of Georgia, and beyond.

We not only have a number of regular local customers, but individuals outside of the state are also choosing to do business with us through our mail-in program.  This is possibly our largest area of growth as of late, so if you’re located outside of metro Atlanta, or even outside of the state, you can now sell Morgan silver dollars to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers at the same great rates.  Better yet, we offer free shipping, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose!

With silver currently above $40 an ounce, now is both a great time to buy and sell Morgan silver dollars in Atlanta.  Give us a call today or e-mail us at to schedule an appointment for a free no-obligation evaluation and appraisal of your Morgan silver dollars and see for yourself how we’re changing the way that people buy and sell silver coins in Atlanta.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis