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Record American Silver Eagle Sales for the First Half of 2013

American Silver Eagles
American silver eagle coin

The U.S. Mint recorded record sales of American silver eagles during the first half of 2013, even as sales declined in May and thus far in June.  A total of 23.3 million ounces of silver eagles have been sold thus far in 2013, breaking the previous first half record of 22.3 million ounces. Much of the demand for 2013 likely has been as a result of the drop in silver prices this year. April was the second highest month of silver eagle sales, which coincides with a drop in the price of silver of 16% over a two day period. At this point, it’s unknown whether the high demand for American silver eagles will persist, but we would expect for this to be the case if the price of silver remains below $25 an ounce.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis