Off time - no update Sale of 1794 Silver Dollar Breaks World Record!

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Sale of 1794 Silver Dollar Breaks World Record!

A 1794 silver dollar rated by PCGS in MS66 condition recently sold at the Stacks Bowers auction in NY on 1/24/13 for over $10,000,000, breaking the previous world record. Details of the sale of the auction can be found at the following link.

The 1794 silver dollar was the first silver dollar minted in the United States. While approximately 2,000 were minted, records show that only 1,758 were released for general circulation. While approximately 10% of these silver dollars are thought to currently exist, most are in circulated condition. The coin recently auctioned off by Stacks Bowers is the finest example known to exist.

Considering that approximately one hundred seventy five 1794 silver dollars are known to exist, it’s not likely that the average coin collection contains such a coin, but time and research should be taken to determine if you have any low mintage or rare silver dollars in your coin collection.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis