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Sell Gold Coins in Atlanta at Competitive Prices

These days there are a number of pawn shops, “we buy gold stores,” and jewelry stores all looking to take advantage of the high price of gold and silver, but if you’re in the market to sell gold coins in Atlanta, your best bet is to do business with a coin dealer that truly understands the value of your coins and is willing to offer you a competitive rate for your coins.

While undoubtedly coin dealers are far and away your best option, not all Atlanta coin dealers are created equal.  The best gold coin dealers to work with, whether you’re buying or selling gold coins, are those that are transparent with respect to their buying and selling prices.

Considering that your time is valuable, being able to obtain quotes online is key.  Far and away, the best coin dealers to work with are those that post their buying rates online.  These coin buyers typically pay the highest rates, as few businesses, in any industry, are willing to share their prices for all their competitors to see.  If not available, the next best option is to be able to e-mail the coin dealer or complete an online contact form to obtain a quote.

If neither of these options are available, your best bet is to look elsewhere until you’re able to local a transparent and reputable coin dealer.

One such coin dealer that fits the bill is Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  They post up-to-date buying prices on a variety of coins on their website, and also have online options to help you obtain the best prices for your coins.  Give them a call today at 404-236-9744 or drop them an e-mail at to begin receiving more when you sell gold coins in Atlanta.


Tony Davis
Tony Davis