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Sell Gold Coins in Atlanta for Industry Leading Rates

Due to increased customer demand, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is placing an increased emphasis on buying gold coins (of all sizes), so if you’ve been in the market to sell gold coins in Atlanta, contact us to receive industry leading rates.

What sets Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers apart from other gold coin dealers in Atlanta?  For one, our standard gold coin buying rates are among the industry leaders.  Secondly, we pay more for smaller denomination gold coins, and a higher percentage of spot, the smaller the coin.  Thirdly, we offer exceptional customer service, as can be seen from the positive feedback from prior customers.

Our highest rates are for 1/10 oz American gold eagles, 1/20 oz Canadian gold maple leaf coins, 1/20 Chinese gold pandas, 1/20 oz Australian gold kangaroos, including other small denomination gold coins.  While we pay more for smaller denomination coins, we’re interested in purchasing gold coins of any denomination or size and from any country.

While a majority of the gold coins that we purchase are American gold eagles, Canadian maple leafs, and South African krugerrands, we’ll purchase gold coins and bars minted from any country, including those previously mentioned as well as gold coins from Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark, and gold coins from any South American countries.

Selling gold coins in Atlanta has never been easier.  Coupled with our industry leading rates is the fact that gold prices have more than doubled over the past few years making it excellent time to sell gold coins in Atlanta.  Contact us today at 404-236-9744 or via e-mail at to schedule a free no-obligation evaluation and coin appraisal and see for yourself why Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is becoming Atlanta’s preferred gold coin dealer.


Tony Davis
Tony Davis