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Sell Old Coins in Atlanta or Online for More!

Now you can receive more when you sell old coins in Atlanta or online to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  Not only are we one of the most active Atlanta coin dealers, buy we’re also a leading online coin dealer.

We realized that there was an opportunity to expand our business outside of metro Atlanta when we began to receive phone calls from outside of the metro Atlanta area.  Since we pay among the highest rates in the industry, individuals in the metro Atlanta area and beyond began to express interest in doing business with us.

This prompted us to launch our sell coins online program, which has been a big success. One of the reasons why we’re quickly becoming one of the favorite coin dealers in Atlanta and online is that we’re one of the most transparent Coin Buyers in the industry.

Exactly how transparent are we?  We post our current coin buying rates online for all of our customers and competitors to see.  Why would we do such a thing?  First and foremost, we believe in being forthright with our customers.  We realize that our customer’s time is valuable and want to make the process as simple as possible.  In fact, it’s quite common for our customers to know exactly what to expect when we meet, as they’re able to calculate their own totals.  We know of no other coin dealer in Atlanta and very few online coin dealers who are willing to share this information.

We also choose to post our buying rates online because we offer among the most competitive rates in the industry.  There’s no need to hide your rates from the public when you’re one of the top paying coin dealers.  We’re able to pay more because we’re a family owned and operated business that runs an efficient low overhead business.  There are no excessive rental rates, utilities, insurance, and payroll expenses to offset the prices we’re able to offer, as is common for most Atlanta coin dealers.

While we’re one of the most transparent and best paying coin dealers in the industry, we’re probably most proud of the fact that we excel at customer service.  We never take our customers for granted and always treat our customers with dignity and respect.   Furthermore, a customer doesn’t just represent a purchase or sale at Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, but potentially a long term business partner.

We focus on forming long lasting relationships with our customers.  Our approach appears to be working well for us, as a substantial portion of our business comes from regular customers and referrals.  We realize that we wouldn’t be in business if not for our loyal customers and truly appreciate their patronage.

In summary, if you’re attempting to locate a transparent and trustworthy Atlanta coin dealer that does a substantial amount of online business, look no further than Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  Give us a call today at 404-479-4047 and let us earn your business.



Tony Davis
Tony Davis