Sell Peace Silver Dollars for More by Following These Guidelines

Peace silver dollars have often played second fiddle to Morgan silver dollars, but these silver dollars are quite beautiful and valuable in their own right. In this article, we’ll discuss how to sell Peace silver dollars for more by following some easy to implement guidelines.

Peace silver dollars were minted by the U.S. Mint from 1921 – 1935. These stunning coins display an image of Lady Liberty on the obverse (front) and a perched eagle on the reverse. 1921 was a low mintage year, with only 1,000,000 of these coins being produced, which is why many collectors and investors are under the mistaken assumption that these coins were first produced in 1922.

Unlike Morgan silver dollars, there are only a few Peace silver dollars that are considered key date coins in circulated condition; however, many of these coins were poorly or weakly struck, which translates into some fairly substantial values in uncirculated condition.

While only three examples of Peace silver dollars in circulated condition are considered to be key date or semi key date coins; that being 1921, 1928 and 1935-S, there are several versions in uncirculated condition that sell for a premium, namely 1924-S, 1925-S, and 1927 – 1934. These coins can sell for upwards of $100 or more.

Areas to pay particular attention to to determine the condition of the coins are Lady Liberty’s hairlines on the obverse and the eagle’s feathers on the reverse. Also look for original mint luster on the coins and any bag marks on the high points and field of the coins, which may take away from the visual appeal of the coins. A range of MS60 – MS70 has been designated for uncirculated coins, so the fewer bag marks, scratches, abrasions, and the more even and complete the original mint luster, the higher the grade of the coins.

In summary, while Peace silver dollars aren’t typically in as high of demand as Morgan silver dollars, they’re stunning and valuable coins in their own right. When it comes to selling Peace silver dollars, be sure to check the date, the mint mark, and condition of the coins to determine if you have a low mintage or rare coin for which you should be paid a premium.
Sell Peace Silver Dollars

Tony Davis
Tony Davis