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Sell Silver for More to Atlanta’s Leading Silver Dealer

When you sell silver, you not only want the most competitive rates, but also great customer service. Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, Atlanta’s leading coin and silver dealer, excels in both areas. In fact, our primary goal is to pay the most competitive rates while providing exceptional customer service.

Many silver buyers claim to pay the most, but do they really? Unless you do your due diligence, you may end up receiving substantially less than the full value of your silver items, whether in the form of silver coins, bullion, bars, rounds, or silverware. How are you able to determine who is paying the most? The best source when you sell silver is to view the company’s website. Does it include rate information for the different forms of silver that you’re interested in selling? If not, it’s likely that this silver dealer is not paying very competitive rates.

If by chance you come across a reputable silver dealer that doesn’t post their prices and rates online, they should be able to provide you a verbal quote over the phone, subject to their review and approval of your items. If the silver dealer requests that you bring in your items for an evaluation without providing you with a verbal quote, stay away! It’s common for less than reputable companies to draw you in to their place of business, only to make low ball offers. This is clearly not the way that silver dealers should be conducting business.

Why is customer service important? When you sell silver, you may have many questions about the process, how items are evaluated, and ultimately how they’re appraised. Unfortunately many coin and silver dealers won’t take the time to walk you through the process. Exceptional customer service involves thoroughly explaining the evaluation process ahead of time, answering any questions that you might have, and then providing a logical and rational explanation as to how prices are ultimately determined after the appraisal has been conducted.

What makes Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers different? Not only do we post live price charts on our website for all of our customers (and competition, for that matter) to see, but we also take the time to thoroughly explain the process, answer your questions, and provide you with a fair appraisal with an explanation as to how we assess prices for your various forms of silver. When you sell silver, you should expect nothing less, and at Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, we guarantee that you’ll be completely comfortable with the entire process before you sell your silver coins, bullion, bars, rounds, silverware, etc.

If our way of doing business is appealing to you, and you think that we might be the right company for you, contact Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers today at 404-236-9744 to sell silver and see for yourself how we’re changing the way that companies buy and sell silver and coins. In fact, there’s no better time than the present, as silver is currently over $40 an ounce, and is bringing substantially more than it has in recent months.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis