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Sell Silver Half Dollars and Receive More from Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers

Sell silver half dollars to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers and receive more for your silver coins. We purchase all U.S. silver half dollars minted prior to 1965, which are 90% silver, as well as Kennedy half dollars minted between 1965 – 1970, which contain 40% silver.

In addition to Kennedy half dollars, we purchase Franklin half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars, Barber half dollars, Seated Liberty half dollars, Capped Bust half dollars, and others. While a majority of silver half dollars are junk silver coins, most Seated Liberty and Capped Bust half dollars sell at a premium to their silver content due to the age and rarity of the coins. We will take the time to review the value of these coins with you, so when you sell silver half dollars to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, you can be assured that you’ll receive a fair value for your coins.

We’re also buyers of foreign silver half dollars, or the equivalent size, and pay top dollar for these coins as well. The silver content of foreign coins varies based on the country of origin, so when you sell silver half dollars minted from outside of the United States, the price at which we purchase these coins will vary accordingly.

In summary, if you’ve made the decision to sell silver half dollars, whether in metro Atlanta or online, Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is your best choice. We offer flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate your busy schedule, and have earned a reputation as a customer service oriented coin dealer that pays more for your coins.

Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 and let us earn your business!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis