Sell Silver Half Dollars at the Most Competitive Rates!

As one of the most active and aggressive buyers of gold, silver, and old coins in metro Atlanta and beyond, you can expect more when you sell silver half dollars to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  Due a recent bulk sale of silver half dollars, we’re currently out of stock of 90% silver half dollars, and are anxious to increase our inventory of these coins.

We’re not only buying circulated common date 90% silver half dollars, such as Walking Liberty, Franklin, and Kennedy half dollars, but we’re also interested in uncirculated, key date, and semi key date silver half dollars, so regardless of the type of silver half dollars that you’re selling, we’re likely interested.

For those individuals that may not be familiar with which coins sell for a premium when you sell silver half dollars, most Franklin half dollars and all 1964 Kennedy half dollars are considered to be common date half dollars; primarily sold for their silver content. However, typically 1955 Franklin half dollars and earlier minted Franklin half dollars in uncirculated condition, such as those minted in the 1940’s, sell for more than their silver content.

All uncirculated condition Walking Liberty half dollars sell for a premium, while select key date and semi key date Walking Liberty half dollars sell for more than their silver content, regardless of their condition.  For example, Walking Liberty half dollars minted in 1916 and 1921 are considered to be low mintage coins, as well as the 1938-D, which will fetch a premium, regardless of the condition.  As you would expect, the value of these coins is determined by the condition of the half dollars.

It’s a safe assumption that extremely old half dollars, such as those minted prior to 1900, will sell for more; however, Barber half dollars, if in average circulated condition, typically don’t sell for much more than their silver content, unless they happen to be key date coins.

Regardless of the type of half dollars that you have available, you’re likely to receive among the most competitive rates in the industry when you sell silver half dollars to Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 or drop us an e-mail at to schedule an appointment to sell your 90% silver half dollars.



Tony Davis
Tony Davis