Sell Your Estate Coin Collection to one of the Top Coin Dealers in Georgia

As more and more estate coin collections are becoming available, individuals and estate sale companies are in search of coin dealers that specialize in purchasing coin collections from estates so that they can receive the most value for their collections.

A coin dealer in the metro Atlanta area who has been purchasing a substantial amount of estate coin collections in the state of Georgia and throughout the United States via their sell coins online program is Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  Individuals and estate sale companies have been choosing to do business with Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers not only for the industry leading rates that they pay on gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins, but also because of the phenomenal rates that they pay on old and rare coins.

To receive the maximum amount for your coin collection, it’s imperative that you do business with a coin expert.  This is someone who can properly evaluate the coin based on the year, mintage, and condition of the coin to assess an accurate value.  Companies such as “we buy gold” stores, jewelry stores, pawn shops, etc. unfortunately aren’t equipped and don’t have the expertise that is needed to properly evaluate coin collections – especially large and varied collections, such as those from estates.

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers not only possesses the knowledge and expertise to properly evaluate your estate coin collection, but will take the time to explain to you how they arrive at the prices they offering so that you feel comfortable that you’re receiving the full value for your coin collection.

Whether you’re an individual selling your dad’s or grandfather’s collection, or are an estate sale company that has been provided with the task to sell your client’s coin collection, you’re not likely to find a more qualified and reputable coin dealer in Atlanta, GA or throughout the nation than Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.  Contact them today at 404-236-9744 or via e-mail at to schedule a free coin appraisal and to receive top value for your estate coin collection.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis