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Selling $100 Face Value Lots of 90% Silver Dimes & Quarters

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is now selling lots of 90% silver dimes and quarters consisting of $100 face value in silver coins! Our typical approach is to sell to collectors and investors varying amounts of 90% silver coins, but we’re now able to offer, for a limited time, junk silver coins in bulk due to several large purchases that we’ve made over the past few weeks.

Bulk silver coin purchases make a great deal of sense due for several reasons. For one, you can typically receive slightly better pricing when buying 90% silver coins in bulk. Secondly, buying in bulk will prevent you from making multiple trips to your Atlanta coin dealer for purchases. Thirdly, silver has dropped approximately 30% from its recent high of approximately $50 an ounce, offering investors an opportunity to buy at a steep discount. Lastly, 90% junk silver coins are the most desired form of silver by survivalists, who are hedging against a potential collapse in the U.S. currency. Having a large stock of 90% silver coins on hand will help you to get through difficult times, if worst comes to worst.

We recommend that you call around to Atlanta coin dealers to obtain quotes on $100 face value lots of 90% silver coins. Once you’ve done your research, give us a call, and you’ll see that we offer our junk silver coins at the best rates in the metro Atlanta area. We also pay the most competitive prices for 90% silver coins, so if you’re interested in selling your 90% silver coins, please give us a call.

When considering buying $100 face value lots of 90% silver coins, or any other large quantity for that matter, think Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers. Not only do we buy and sell 90% silver coins at the most competitive rates, but we have the best customer service in the industry, and offer a relaxing stress-free no-pressure environmental in which to do business.

Give us a call today at 404-236-9744 or e-mail us at and pick up your large bulk 90% silver coins from Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers while supplies last!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis