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What Gold and Silver Items are Useful for Barter & Trade

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Gold and Silver Coins Useful for Daily Transactions


While it might seem silly today, using silver coins and even small gold pieces for daily transactions is a more realistic scenario than many people might think. In today’s geopolitical roulette, previously followed norms are being broken almost every week and the potential for an international “black swan” type of event seems to lurk around the corner.

We have written many articles on the topic of monetary collapse, inflation, the demand, and price reaction of precious metals when faced with many of the warnings and red flags seen across the globe today. All of these potential scenarios and a demand from our clients for specific items led us to creating the “Precious Metal Prepper Package” (PMPP).

We had a potential client email us regarding the purchase of one of our ‘Precious Metal Prepper Packages’, but he had a question we thought others might also have:

“Can you explain what makes this particular selection of metals advantageous for a survival situation?”


For context, we assembled the Precious Metals Prepper Package with two goals in mind. The first was to compile items that we believed would be useful and recognizable in a worst case scenario. Secondly, we wanted to keep the total package at $5,000 or less so that it was affordable for most folks. Below is an advertisement from our website that provides a breakdown of the contents of this package:

Precious Metals Prepper Package by AGCB gold and silver coin

So, if you are wondering the same as the gentleman who emailed us the above question, keep reading to see how we broke it down for him.


90% Dimes/Quarters/Half Dollars (“Junk Silver”):

During a potential “SHTF” situation (i.e., financial collapse, banking collapse, hyperinflation, EMP/Grid Down/Nuclear or Chemical attack, etc.) we and most others believe that the US dollar would be extremely devalued or in some cases, completely worthless. Many of our in-store clients purchase 90% silver coins for transactional use in case of any sort of SHTF scenario. If you watch any “prepper” type content on YouTube or elsewhere, you have probably heard 90% silver coins, “Constitutional silver.” or “Junk” silver being discussed for this purpose as well.

90% silver US coins are a great option when it comes to transactions in a SHTF scenario for many reasons, some of which are as follows:

  • Easily identifiable
  • US-issued
  • Legal tender
  • Dated
  • and of course, 90% silver. 

We feel it is also important to note that roughly $1.50 face value of 90% silver coins = 1 troy oz of pure silver (15 dimes, 6 quarters, or 3 half dollars). This isn’t exact, but close enough for government work.

Because 90% or junk silver is easily identified and for the most part consists of coins only from 1964 and earlier, it is a simple and straightforward way to use silver for exchanges rather than a devalued or worthless US currency.

US 90% Silver Coins

We have a few practical uses for junk silver coins that we’ve experienced personally or that have been shared to us by long-term customers. As an example, it’s quite common for folks that sell produce at Farmers Markets to accept silver as currency even today. Some sellers even make sure to give you more for your silver than they would if you paid with the US Dollar. This is becoming more common in everyday life and is much more likely to gain traction than fizzle out.

Other examples that we’ve heard from trusted customers and sources are that silver coins are regularly accepted by outdoor enthusiasts and on related sites. Another customer shared with us that the owner of rural land wanted to sell, or maybe a better term is to exchange his land for silver bars as opposed to dollars. One of our family members treats with a dentist who accepts gold and silver for services, and we know of at least one restaurant owner (there are probably hundreds) that would gladly accept silver coins in lieu of dollars. Lastly, many sellers on popular online classified sites, such as Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist list gold and silver as acceptable forms of payment.

Last, but not least, a long-term customer and friend of ours in Georgia has paid for gas at an independently-owned gas station and filled up his tank using 4-5 90% silver half dollars, which most of the time works out in the customers’ favor. If you’re concerned about what’s coming down the pike and are a proponent of parallel economies, you would be well served to add some of these coins to your holdings as well as some other coins and bars that we’ll highlight below.

I like to think of having 90% for daily transactions like this:

– Dimes = today’s $1 and $5 bill

– Quarters = today’s $10 and $20 bill

 Half Dollars = today’s $50 bill



1 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds1oz Silver Buffalo Round - AGCB

  • Low Premium vs silver coins
  • .999 Silver
  • In high demand and one of the most identifiable silver rounds
  • Purchasing silver rounds over coins means you get more silver for the money
  • Sometimes it may be more beneficial to barter with 10 silver rounds instead of 150 silver dimes, especially for larger transactions
  • Some individuals may have a preference of silver rounds over 90% or vice versa, as one may be more recognizable to a potential seller than another.
  • Easy to understand the value, as the spot price of silver is quoted in ounces


1g Gold Bars

  • Gold Bars in assay provide a higher level of confidence compared to loose or raw gold bars. In other words, they’re less likely to be counterfeited.
  • Easy to store1 gram gold bars AGCB
  • Provides more flexibility than larger size gold bars, especially if a purchase is under $2,000
  • Depending on the price of gold, I look at gold as more of a savings account during a SHTF scenario
  • Handy for when someone may want gold over silver in a barter situation
  • 1g gold bars in assay cards are easy to store in bags, your glove box, your pocket or other places to have handy when you might find yourself in need of something but don’t have cash with you


We hope this helped explain the “why’ behind our Precious Metal Prepper Package and maybe even included some other information that was new to you or that you previously didn’t consider as far as your “preps” go.

If you’re interested in ordering a PMPP, you can click HERE or give us a call!


In this article we touched on 3 primary items, however, beneficial items to have in case of a “black swan” type event are not limited to just three items. If you have questions about this, do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call!

While we’re not financial advisors, we’ve been around for a while and have seen different markets and opportunities. With nearly every asset class in a bubble, including stocks, bonds, and real estate, an investment in gold and silver at current levels appears to be a wise investment. Not only that, but the BRICS alliance just added six new members, which means that the world is in the process of de-dollarizing.

Contact us today at 404-236-9744 to discuss the various options and to see for yourself why we’re metro Atlanta’s leading coin and bullion dealer.

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