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South African Gold Krugerrands – New Inventory at Atlanta Gold & Coin

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve recently added some South African gold krugerrands to our gold coin inventory that we’re selling at industry leading rates. The gold krugerrands that we have in stock all contain one troy ounce of fine gold, are highly recognizable and liquid, and in fact, are the highest produced modern gold coins in existence.

Whether you remain in the U.S. or at some point in time decide to move outside of the country, these coins have a large and available marketplace. When it comes to gold coins, the higher the production, the better. The reason being is that gold bullion coins, such as South African gold krugerrands, are bought and sold primarily for their gold value. The more coins that are produced, the greater the chances of the coins making their way outside of the country of origin, and the higher the likelihood of individuals in other countries not only recognizing, but desiring these coins.

South African gold krugerrands were first produced in 1967; a full 19 years prior to the production of the first American gold eagle, and 12 years prior to the production of the first Canadian gold maple leaf coin. This year marks the 45th year of production of these coins, with over 50 million ounces being produced for circulation, which exceeds the combined total of the aforementioned gold coins.

In addition to being highly recognizable, liquid, and having a worldwide marketplace, South African gold krugerrands tend to sell at lower premiums than American gold eagles, which makes these coins one of the lowest cost gold bullion coins produced. These coins are especially popular among cost conscious gold bullion buyers, who prefer not to pay the higher premiums associated with American gold eagles.

In summary, when it comes to buying or selling South African gold krugerrands, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is your one stop shop. Not only do we pay industry leading rates for gold krugerrands, but we also sell these coins at prices below those of our competition, making us the best source in Atlanta and beyond for gold bullion coins. Contact us today at 404-236-9744 or via e-mail at and see for yourself why we’re the coin dealer of choice for more and more buyers and sellers of gold and silver coins.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis
Tony Davis is the owner of Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, a full service Atlanta based coin and bullion dealer specializing in buying, selling and appraising coins and coin collections of all types and sizes. Tony frequently writes on various economic and numismatic related topics affecting the coin and bullion markets and has been published on some of the industry’s leading websites, including Coin Week, the American Numismatic Association, Coin Collector, Coinflation, and Coin Auctions Help, just to name a few. Visit Atlanta Gold & Coin’s website at to obtain additional information on the products, services and educational resources offered by his company. Tony can be reached at or at 404-236-9744
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