The Best Gold Coins for Starting an Investment

Collecting Gold Coins

No matter the state of the world economy, gold is always a wise investment because its value is relatively stable. The price of gold hasn’t dropped below $1,000 per ounce since 2008. For people who would like to invest in precious metals, gold coins are a great starting point. What’s the Best Way to Start […]

Smart Investment Strategies for Buying and Selling Coin Collections

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As you become a more experienced coin collector and your investment strategies change, you might consider selling some items to free up money so that you can purchase different types or categories of coins. Whether you plan on liquidating your collection or are looking to leverage expert-level knowledge to guide future investments, use the following […]

3 Famous Coin Collections From Around the World

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As an investment strategy and a hobby, the world of numismatics welcomes coin collectors from various backgrounds, including kings, popes, famous actors, and everyday investors. Here’s a look at three of the most well-known coin collections in the world. King Farouk’s Collection: Cairo, Egypt One of the largest and most notable collections of the 20th […]

How to Catalog Your Coin Collection Like an Expert

Coin collection experts know that properly cataloging every item they own is an important part of storing and preserving their coins. Being organized also means taking time to record important information about the collection to make it easier to sell your rare coins and keep track of what you own. Here’s a closer look at […]

Is Fiat Currency Actually Better Than the Gold Standard?

Precious metals like gold and silver were once the standard that backed countries’ currencies, but things are different now. Fiat currency has become the norm in the modern world. Though central banks and most economists sing our monetary system’s praises, it also has some disadvantages. Here are some explanations and considerations for how fiat currency […]

Where Can I Buy Gold Bars?

Buying gold in the form of bars or bullion is a lucrative financial decision. Gold bars are privately produced as opposed to government-issued, which makes them more affordable. While privately-produced, bars can’t be acquired directly from the producer by the public. Rather, individuals who are interested in gold bars need to work with a retailer […]