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The Dollar’s Up, Gold is Down. Buy Gold Coins at a Discount Today!

Individuals in the financial and precious metals sectors have been speculating for days as to how the price of gold is likely to be affected with a default of Greece’s debt. We’ve seen the yields of one year Greece bonds soar from around 70% just a few days ago to over 100%, making the likelihood of a default imminent.

The threat of a Greek default has caused the Euro to decline in price. Investors looking for a temporary safe haven have been buying dollars, which has pushed down the price of gold. This has created an opportunity for investors to buy gold coins at a discount from its levels just a week or two ago.

While the price of gold is still relatively high compared to its historical average, the likelihood of the dollar continuing to strengthen relative to other currencies isn’t likely to continue, creating a good buying opportunity for individuals who are interested in purchasing gold coins. With some experts predicting a year end price of $2,000 an ounce, it appears as though gold still has upside potential.

This is also a good time to sell gold coins – especially if you had the opportunity to purchase them prior to the beginning of the year, as the price of gold is up substantially for the year. Now is the opportunity to lock in a substantial profit on your investment.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis