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The Importance of Knowing Colors When it Comes to Proof Silver Eagles

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The Importance of Knowing Colors When it Comes to Proof Silver Eagles

Proof silver eagles are one of the most collected modern numismatic silver coins in the industry.

As is the case with bullion silver eagles, they’ve been issued annually since 1986, except for 2009. These coins differ from bullion silver eagles in that they’re double struck, have a mirror-like finish background and frosted foreground and include special packaging.

American Silver Eagles
Proof Silver Eagle

The packaging consists of the coin in a hard plastic capsule, an exterior cardboard box, an interior velvet box and a certificate of authenticity (COA). All these elements are necessary for proof silver eagles to be complete and to be IRA-eligible. IRA eligibility is one of the main attractions of these coins, as they’re a popular option for retirement portfolios.

Unfortunately, the mere presence of packaging is not sufficient to use these coins in a retirement vehicle. It’s important that the correct box is used, as the potential market becomes much smaller for incomplete or mismatched packaging. While not the most exciting topic, we thought that we would share with our readers colors and pictures of the correct boxes for proof silver eagles so that you can maximize the value of your coins.


1986-1993 Proof Silver EaglesProof Silver Eagle Box, Purple

The first box used with the issuance of proof silver eagles is purple, or maybe more appropriately, maroon. This color box was used for the first eight years of issuance from 1986 – 1993. Most of these coins are considered common dates, but the 1993 proof silver eagle tends to trade for slightly more due to its limited issuance of 405,000 coins. A picture of this box is to the right.


1994-2000 Proof Silver Eagles

Proof Silver Eagle Box, Dark Blue
Dark Blue

A dark blue box was used next and covers the next seven years from 1994 – 2000 date range. A picture of this box can be seen to the left. The most significant coin in this series is the 1994 proof silver eagle, which only had a mintage of 372,000 coins. As is the case with the 1993 proof silver eagle, this coin trades for slightly more than its counterparts.




2001-2006 Proof Silver Eagles

Following the dark blue box is a light blue box (upper right corner of the below picture), which includes coins issued for the six-year period from 2001 – 2006. None of these coins are of tremendous significance, as they were all issued in large quantities and trade at around the same price point.

Proof Silver Eagle Boxes


2007-2020 Proof Silver Eagles

It gets a little trickier after 2006, as subtle changes to the box lid were made from 2007 to 2020. The bottom left and bottom center pictures are two slight variations of these boxes. Unfortunately, providing an example of all the variations is beyond the scope of this piece, but if you have any doubts about the correct box during this 14-year run, you can always research it online.


2020-Current Proof Silver Eagles

Last, but not least, is a black box, which is the color used since 2021. By the time you read this article, the color or design may have changed, but a picture of this box can be seen to the right.

While we realize that discussing pictures, colors and designs of box lids isn’t exactly the most compelling topic, it is important, as incomplete packaging can result in a much smaller payout. At the time of this writing, some dealers are discounting the coins by $15 or more per coin if not complete, which can add up, especially if you have a large collection of these coins.

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