Off time - no update Tip of the Week: Not All Silver Dollars are Created Equally

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Tip of the Week: Not All Silver Dollars are Created Equally

Sellers of silver dollars would be well advised to check the mintage of their Morgan and Peace silver dollars to determine the number produced. The number of silver dollars minted is one of the key factors in determining the value of your coins.

While not set in stone, a general guideline is that most Morgan and Peace silver dollars with a mintage of a million or less are considered key date or semi key date coins. Semi key date or key date coins should sell at a premium over the standard rate of silver dollars. The amount of the premium will be based on the total number produced and the condition of the coins.

Some mints were known to produce fewer coins than other mints, and as such, are bought and sold at higher prices. All Carson City silver dollars are lower mintage coins and sell at a premium. Additionally, a number of San Francisco minted coins are semi key date or key date coins. While most Philadelphia and New Orleans minted silver dollars are considered common date coins, some notable exceptions are those minted from 1893 – 1895.

In addition to key date coins, uncirculated silver dollars should be sold at a premium. If the coin dealer that you’re working with is not willing to identify key date coins for you or pay you a premium for your uncirculated coins, then you should move on and locate a coin dealer that’s willing to do so.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis