Tips for Organizing Your Coin Inventory

Coin collections large and small can benefit from being properly organized and cataloged. Knowing exactly which types of coins exist in a personal inventory allows the collector to trade, appraise, and sell coins more easily, and it preserves the collection for future generations. Here are a few tips for organizing a coin inventory.

Start With Sorting Coins by Type

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The first step to having a beautifully organized inventory is sorting the coins by type, which will make the later task of cataloging each individual coin much easier. Separating gold coins from silver ones is an easy place to begin, followed by organizing each coin in the collection by series. For example, create one section of uncirculated or commemorative coins, another of Morgan Dollars, another of foreign coins, and so on.

Begin a Detailed Catalog

Once the collection has been broken down into groups, start looking at the finer details so that the coins can be cataloged. Cataloging can be done in a notebook, an electronic spreadsheet such as Excel, or in specialty software. Examine each coin and make a record of all the important details, including country of origin, series, denomination, year, mint mark, and quality. Then, organize the list so that finding information about any particular coin is quick and effortless.

Consider Protective Storage

Some collectors simply keep their coins all together in a jar or plastic bag. Not only does this make locating and identifying specific coins a challenge, but it may also cause scratches and abrasions that can degrade the value of the collection. Once the collection has been sorted and cataloged, decide on a new, more protective way to store it, such as in a folder or binder specifically designed for coin inventories. Be sure to avoid PVC holders as, over time, they break down and residue adheres to the coin. Mylar coin holders/flips are readily available and are made of inert materials, which will properly preserve the coin.

Organizing and cataloging your coin inventory is the first step toward being a serious coin collector. At Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, we buy and sell a wide variety of coins, and we can help you assess the value of your collection. Request an appointment by calling 404-236-9744.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis