Tips on How to Sell 90% Silver Coins For The Most Value

The purpose of this article is to explain how to sell 90% silver coins to maximize your profit and your experience.  Following the steps outlined below should help you to save time and money.

First and foremost, selling locally is the best approach, as this removes the uncertainty of shipping your coins to an unknown dealer and location in hopes that you’ll receive payment.  A face to face transaction eliminates this risk.

Secondly, you should only do business with a reputable coin dealer, as this will improve your chances of selling your 90% silver coins for the most value.  Notice that we specified a coin dealer as opposed to a shop that buys silver coins along with various other items.  The reason being is that qualified and reputable coin dealers know the market better than other individuals that are on the fringe of the silver coin market, such as “we buy gold” stores.  Furthermore, a coin dealer will be able to identify any key date or low mintage coins that you might have, and should be willing to pay a premium for these items.  They also understand that certain items, such as uncirculated Morgan silver dollars, should sell at a premium even if they’re common date coins.

Thirdly, a coin dealer is likely to be located in a slightly better area of town than some of their competitors, such as “we buy gold” stores and pawn shops.  While on the surface, this doesn’t appear to be a major factor, the fact of the matter is that you may have hundreds or even thousands of dollars of merchandise on your person, and should be cautious as to where you go with these items.

Fourthly, only conduct business with a coin dealer who is willing to provide you with a quote on their website, via e-mail, or over the phone.  The fact of the matter is that most 90% silver coins are common date and should sell at a set rate.  Of course, adjustments may need to be made if the coins are in poor condition, but for the most part, a coin dealer should be able to provide you with a quote contingent upon review of the items.

Fifthly, a number of silver coin dealers charge a fee to review and evaluate coin collections.  It’s important to verify in advance that the coin dealer offers free no-obligation coin appraisals so that you don’t get stuck with a coin appraisal bill that runs $50 – $100 or more.  Appraising 90% silver coins is a fairly simple process, but other more collectible or numismatic items that you have in your collection make take a bit more time and effort, so it’s imperative that you confirm in advance that there will be no charge for the coin evaluation.

In addition to conducting business with a coin dealer that conducts free coin appraisals in a safe location, you should expect to have privacy during the evaluation process.  This is important, as occasionally coin dealers may have more than one customer at their location.  It may not be safe to conduct business out in the open, as you could become a target if individuals know that you have a substantial amount of money or merchandise in your possession.

Lastly, it’s important to know in advance how you will be paid so that there are no surprises when you visit your local coin dealer’s location.  If you prefer cash, make sure that the coin dealer is willing to accommodate you.  If you have a large collection that you’re selling, and haven’t done business with the coin dealer in the past, it’s not unreasonable to ask for certified funds in the form of a cashier’s check.

In summary, when considering selling 90% silver coins, several steps can be taken to maximize your experience and payout.  Consider selling locally to avoid any issues with receiving payment, conduct business with coin dealers versus other individuals that are remotely related to the industry, find a reputable coin dealer who is upfront with respect to their buying rates, demand and expect privacy while conducting business, and confirm the form of payment before visiting their place of business. Following these few easy steps should increase your chances of success when you sell 90% silver coins.

Sell 90% Silver Coins

Tony Davis
Tony Davis