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What Are Vatican Coins?

The Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world. Despite being located within Italy, the Vatican mints its own coins, and they have a face value that’s denominated in euros, as well as Italian lire for coins minted before 2002. These low-mintage coins have cultural and religious significance, and they can serve as a valuable addition to your collection.

An Introduction to Vatican Coins

The Vatican

Vatican coins are issued by the Philatelic and Numismatic Office of the Vatican (UFN), typically in relatively small quantities. At the beginning of each year, the UFN issues a program that lists the coins and stamps that will be issued. The Vatican sells both mint and proof sets of its coins along with a commemorative medal packaged in an attractive case. Usually, the UFN creates far more mint sets than proof sets. Obtaining these coins at their issue price can be difficult because the Vatican does not initially sell its coins online to individuals. Instead, the UFN gives priority to large coin dealers who act as its clients and control much of the coins’ distribution. Becoming a client of the UFN is a lengthy process and can involve being placed on a waiting list. However, buying directly from the Vatican will allow you to acquire the coins at the lowest price possible.

How Valuable are Vatican Coins?

The coins that the Vatican issues each year are different and have a unique theme. The current pope is usually on one side of the coin. These coins are from Pope John Paul II’s era are highly sought after and often worth hundreds of dollars. Some of the most valuable these coins are the 2002 coins that were the first to be denominated in euros, with market values of about $1500. Another highly valuable Vatican coin is the 1937 coin, and one of them sold for $3,900 at an auction in 2017.

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