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Sell Your Coin Collection to Metro-Atlanta’s Top Rated Coin Buyer

If you’d like to sell a coin collection you recently acquired, have been tasked with the sale of an estate coin collection as an executor, or would like to sell one that you’ve been building over the years, then you have found the right place.

It may seem easy enough to sell your coin collection at auction, but you’ll have to put a bit more effort into the process to maximize the value of the coins when you sell them. Not to mention, pursuing the auction route can cut into your proceeds by 20% – 30%.

At Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, we purchase coin collections on nearly a daily basis. These collections range from as few as 3-5 gold coins, estate coin collections as large as 9,000 total gold, silver, and other precious metal coins, bars, and rounds, to coins donated to Non-Profit organizations. While we can not guarantee that we will purchase every coin in the collection, we promise to provide you with a transparent valuation, offer, and same day payment should our offer be agreeable to you.

Types of Coins and Currency We Buy

Bullion: We purchase bullion in the form of bars, rounds, and ingots containing gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. We accept pieces of all sizes regardless of their condition and whether the mint or producer is private or government.


  • Silver coins (These include but are not limited to common collector’s pieces such as U.S. Morgan and Peace silver dollars minted in 1935 or earlier, U.S. half dollars minted in 1970 or earlier, and U.S. dimes and quarters minted before 1964)
  • Gold coins
  • Platinum & Palladium coins
  • We also purchase other old, numismatic, collectible, commemorative, and rare coins in raw and certified condition, as well as many types of U.S. and foreign anniversary, proof and mint sets.

: In addition, we purchase gold certificates, National currency banknotes, U.S. federal reserve bills, legal tender notes, and silver certificates issued in 1923 and earlier. We also deal in individual state and bank-issued notes as well as Confederate bills and notes.

Where to Start

If you find yourself with a recently inherited estate coin collection or tasked with helping a family member find a reputable coin shop or coin collection to sell their collection to, we know it can feel overwhelming. Researching unknown coins online can feel a bit like self diagnosing a minor health symptom or issue…the deeper you look, the more overwhelming and worse it gets.

If this describes your situation, give us a call or use our online form to reach out to us and get your questions answered. We are happy to go over any questions you may have and clarify if we purchase some or all of the coins you are looking to sell. We’ll also be happy to provide you or the executor handling your estate with direction on how to prepare for the sale of your coin collection.

We can oftentimes help you to identify any potentially rare or valuable coins, what specific coins are worth, and other details in advance of scheduling an appointment to help you to decide if it’s worth selling your coin collection.

Where Can I Have my Coins Valued

Auction houses and pawn shops both buy coin collections, but each have their own caveats. Auction houses typically charge high sales fees or a multitude of smaller fees for each step of the process. Pawn shops deal in all types of goods and while many buy and sell coins, these shops may not have the expertise that you need, and typically make very low offers and resell with a much higher price tag.

At Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, we are certified members of the multiple organizations below:

When it comes to selling your coins and coin collection for the most value, it pays to choose a coin dealer with a proven track record and access to the most current and accurate information.  Our membership in the most recognized and respected industry leading organizations provides us with access to current market information and live pricing, enabling us to accurately value your coin collection.

While we do not officially certify your coins, we do have the knowledge and proven expertise to provide you with accurate coin grading and pricing information. Along with our suggested grade, we are happy to provide details as to why we believe the suggested grade is appropriate and the value of the coin based on its year, condition and mint location.

Should you be looking to only have your coins valued and are not currently interested in selling us your coin collection, please make sure to check out our Appraisal page.

Why Choose Us

As a local coin dealer, we have been in the Johns Creek area for a dozen years serving clients across the Southeast face to face at our office and across the country through our online store. When looking to sell your coin collection, finding the right coin dealer can be the difference between leaving an unknown amount of money on the table and receiving a competitive, fair offer for your individual coins or entire coin collection.

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is proudly one of Atlanta’s most transparent gold and coin dealers. Our knowledgeable team stands out from our competition. We aim to differentiate ourselves from your other options by offering:

  • Same day price lock guarantee 
  • Transparent and competitive pricing 
  • Concierge level service 
  • Relationship focused business 
  • Free informational resources 
  • Flexible hours

How to Sell Your Coin Collection

Before bringing your coins in to sell, it is normally best practice to organize the collection in some way. While organizing your collection is not required, it will certainly help both you and us go through the collection and hand you an offer in a more timely manner. There are some do’s and don’ts when going through your coin collection. We have gone into detail on some of the major areas to focus on in a blog article that you can find HERE.

We recently published an article discussing some tips and tricks on maximizing your time and profit when selling a coin collection. Whether you are new to the coin collecting world or an avid coin collector, be sure to check that article out as well to learn more and become better prepared before bringing your coins in.

Connect With Our Expert Coin Collection Dealers

Contact us at Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers to learn more about our no-obligation appraisals or to sell your coin collection. The best starting point is to give us a call to get any questions you have answered and to create a game plan on getting your coins to us. If you prefer to deal online, we recommend using our one of a kind automated selling tool to receive accurate buying rates without having to leave the comfort of your home.

We look forward to speaking with you and the opportunity to see you and your collection in our offices soon!  If you’re not local to metro Atlanta, we’re still able to do business with you. We purchase coin collections from all over the United States, and in some cases, may be able to travel to you. If you’re unable to come to us and traveling is out of the question, you can also mail in your coins for the same great level of service that you experience in person.

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