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Where Can I Buy Gold Bars?

Buying gold in the form of bars or bullion is a lucrative financial decision. Gold bars are privately produced as opposed to government-issued, which makes them more affordable. While privately-produced, bars can’t be acquired directly from the producer by the public. Rather, individuals who are interested in gold bars need to work with a retailer or authorized dealer. In this article, we’ll discuss the potential outlets available to retail buyers.

Places You Can Buy Gold

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Gold has recently made headlines due to a new all-time high and demand as a hedge against financial uncertainty. While it’s frequently touted as a solid investment option, there are a limited number of outlets available to the public. The most popular options available include coin dealers (local and online), auction sites, pawn shops, and jewelry stores.

Online Coin Dealers

Online coin dealers are a good option for individuals that don’t have a coin shop nearby or who live in a state that charges sales tax. Some online coin dealers are well-established and have a good track record, while others are flight-by-night companies or have a history of substantial delays or failing to fill orders. It’s important that you thoroughly research an online coin dealer before placing an order for your gold bars; otherwise, you may be out a substantial amount of money.

Local Coin Dealers

A local coin dealer is oftentimes the best choice, especially if you’re located in the vicinity of a coin dealer and are in a state that doesn’t charge sales tax on precious metals purchases. Most coin dealers realize that investors have the option to purchase gold bars online and should be willing to provide competitive pricing. However, it’s important to keep in mind that online coin dealers do substantially more business than local coin dealers, so the price at which you can purchase a gold bar from your local coin dealer may be slightly higher than from an online dealer. The benefit of buying from a local coin dealer is that you take immediate possession of the gold bar at the time of the transaction. Additionally, local coin dealers offer a safe, secure, and comfortable environment to allow for privacy and anonymity.

Auction Sites

We occasionally meet with customers who purchase gold bars from auction sites only to find the item that they purchased is counterfeit. Unless you suspect this is the case early enough, you may not have the option to return the bar for a refund. If you’re purchasing from an auction site, be sure that you purchase only from recognized dealers or from a site that thoroughly vets the products and offers a generous return policy.

Pawn Shops and Jewelry Stores

Many pawn shops and jewelry stores also sell gold bars, but not all of these stores are experts on gold bars. In other words, unless they’re familiar with how to test and authenticate gold bars, they may unknowingly sell items that are replicas. If you’re considering purchasing from a pawn shop or jewelry store, have a list of questions available for the shop. If they don’t answer all your questions to your satisfaction, continue looking until you find one that does.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis