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Where to Sell Silver Coins in Atlanta

Where to Sell Silver Coins in Atlanta

If you’ve been in search of where to sell silver coins in Atlanta, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers should be your silver coin dealer of choice.

Not only do we offer industry leading prices when we buy your silver coins, but we also have the friendliest and knowledgeable staff in Georgia, and are available to meet when it’s convenient for you.


Are you located outside of the metro Atlanta area? No problem! We do a considerable amount of business buying and selling coins online, and offer step by step instructions on how to conduct business with us through the mail.

Not only do you receive the same great prices and customer service as our local customers, but we will reimburse you for your shipping costs on a case to case basis.

We’ve done business with customers throughout North America and Europe, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re located outside of the United States.



Gold & Silver Inventory

We’re currently experiencing lower than normal inventory on most silver coins that we have in stock, so we’ve launched an aggressive coin buying campaign, and are paying even more when you sell silver coins in bulk.

We’re buying all types of silver coins, including American silver eagles, junk silver coins, Canadian maple leaf silver coins, silver rounds, and silver coins from any other country, in any denomination, and in any condition.

In Summary

If you’re in search of where to sell silver coins in Atlanta, you’re not likely to find a better option than Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers.

Contact us today at 678-515-5763 or via e-mail at to schedule an appointment and take advantage of this great selling opportunity while the price of silver remains high.

We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis