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Where to Sell Your Silver and Gold Coins in Atlanta

One of the most common questions on coin sites, forums, and blogs is where to sell your silver and gold coins in Atlanta. While it seems like a fairly straight forward question, the answer involves consideration of a number of different factors, which we’ll discuss in this post.

One of the first questions that comes to mind is why would someone ask where to sell their silver and gold coins in Atlanta when search engine results will reveal the silver and gold coin dealers in your general vicinity? The real question for which they’re seeking an answer is who is a reliable and trustworthy coin dealer in the area that will treat me fairly and offer me the most for my silver and gold coins.

While references from friends and forum members is always a good place to start, you can help to narrow down your search by following the guidelines outlined below.

1. Is the coin dealer a member of the Better Business Bureau? If so, what is their rating with the Better Business Bureau, do they have a history of violations, and do they have any outstanding claims that have yet to be resolved?

2. Assuming that the coin buyer passes the first test, the next step is to do a general search of the coin dealer to determine previous customer’s experience with the coin dealer. A search of the name of the coin dealer that includes “reviews” or “reputation” should display reviews from third party sites, such as Kudzu, to get a feel as to the coin dealer’s business practices.

3. Once you feel comfortable that you’re dealing with a reputable organization, the next step is to determine how transparent the coin dealer is with respect to the prices that they’re willing to pay when you sell your silver or gold coins in Atlanta. Ideally, their current buying rates should be posted on their website, but if not, a simple call should reveal the prices that they’re willing to offer. If you’re unable to obtain their rates through their website or a quick phone call, move on to the next Atlanta coin dealer.

4. Once you’ve located a coin dealer that is transparent with respect to their buying rates, and you’ve determined that their offering prices are consistent with the market value for the coins, ask if the coin dealer pays a premium for low mintage, rare, or uncirculated coins, and if so, how they go about arriving at these prices. This is important, as you want to make sure that you’re receiving the best prices when you sell your gold and silver coins in Atlanta.

We hope that you’ve found the above tips helpful and that they will serve you well when you’re trying to determine where to sell your silver and gold coins in Atlanta.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis