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Young People are Realizing the Value of Investing in Gold & Silver Coins

A clear, and encouraging trend that we’ve seen over the past couple of years is that it appears young people are starting to recognize the value and importance of investing in gold and silver coins. Not only are we starting to see a younger customer base, including college students, but we’re also seeing more children and teens accompanying their parents on appointments, and on occasion, purchasing gold and silver coins themselves with their allowance or savings.

The knowledge of economics, budgets, deficits, and Federal Reserve policies of young people today is far more advanced than individuals their same age just a decade or two ago. While I’ve always had a firm grasp of budgeting and avoiding debt, thanks in part to my parents, I only had a vague understanding of the Federal Reserve upon graduating college. I learned in my economics courses that the role of the Federal Reserve is to maintain price stability while maximizing employment, which on the surface, appears to be a vital role.

However, as we’ve learned over the past few years, and as many young people clearly understand today, the knowledge and insight of twelve members of the Federal Operating Monetary Committee (FOMC), who are responsible for directing monetary policy, falls well short of the combined knowledge of millions of individuals that comprise the free market. Why all of a sudden has this come to light? What has changed to bring about an intellectual curiosity that may have not previously existed?

The global economic collapse in 2007 – 2008 was a game changer. It debunked what many individuals believed to be economic and investing truths, and humbled millions of Americans, including yours truly. If what we had been taught all of our lives wasn’t correct, then what was the answer, and how were we to protect ourselves from becoming the victims of another financial collapse?

This is when calls from the wilderness, such as those from Ron Paul, were finally heeded. Was it possible that what he had been preaching for decades was in fact correct, in that the economic policies of the Federal Reserve were harmful, instead of helpful, and that the annual multi-billion dollar deficits of the government (now in the trillions of dollars); not to mention, the trillions of dollars of consumer debt, were eventually going to cause a day of reckoning?

The school of Austrian Economics, which had been previously been disregarded as an obscure economic philosophy, began to gain traction. The Mises Institute, which had always been popular among “gold bugs” and hard asset followers, began to attract more of a national audience. Books explaining the economic collapse, such as those written by Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and Charles Goyette received national recognition, which furthered the cause.

Additionally, college students and recent graduates, who were saddled with thousands of dollars of school debt, wanted to know why they were unable to find jobs and why their employment prospects looked bleak. This search for an answer lead them to the above sites and books as well as other alternative financial and economic websites and blogs that painted a different picture than the mainstream media.

What many of these students concluded is that just about the only investment options available, that at the same time weren’t another individual’s liability, is gold and silver. Gold and silver can’t be inflated by the stroke of a button like our monetary base. Rather, there is a finite amount available, and it requires a large investment of time and resources to mine it from deep below the earth’s crust. Furthermore, gold and silver have been viewed by individuals as money for thousands of years.

Gold and silver are not only a valuable asset in terms of the finite amount available and the fact that they have been historically viewed as money, but they also serve as a hedge against inflation and financial crises. Additionally, precious metals tend to increase in value when countries are devaluing their currency, which is occurring on a global scale. This is being done in hopes that it will stimulate growth and improve employment, but as we’ve clearly seen, their efforts have fallen short of the intended goal.

In summary, what many individuals are realizing; especially young people, is that investing in gold and silver in the form of coins and bars, is a wise investment. Not only are they concerned about their economic future, but they’re also taking the steps that they believe are necessary to protect them in the event of another economic collapse. Educational resources are widely available through the web, like never before, which likely means that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.
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Tony Davis
Tony Davis