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Where to Buy or Sell Gold Coins in Atlanta

The process of selling gold coins can be time intensive and confusing, so in today’s brief post we’re going to provide some pointers on where to buy or sell gold coins in Atlanta in hopes that you’ll not only save time, but also a few bucks in the process.

There are a number of potential options when it comes to selling gold coins, so we’re going to briefly discuss some of the most common ways to sell coins and the pros and cons of each:

  1. Pawn Shops – Pawn shops provide a useful service in that you’re able to immediately obtain cash for your funding needs; however, there’s a price to pay in terms of the interest that you pay on your loan or the amount you receive when you sell your gold coins in Atlanta.  While convenient, pawn shops typically only pay up to 50% of the value of your item.
  2. Gold Stores – These days, there’s a “we buy gold” store on nearly every corner, and for good reason.  The price of gold is currently at very high levels, so many individuals are taking advantage of it by cashing in their gold jewelry, among other items.  While you should expect to receive 50% – 60% of the value of  your gold jewelry, this is an unacceptable amount for your gold bullion coins.  Again, while convenient in terms of the number and location of gold stores available, the proceeds are too low to justify going this route.
  3. Jewelry Stores – Jewelry stores typically have a better reputation than the aforementioned stores, and because of that, you’ll likely receive more value when you sell your gold coins to a jewelry store.  However, jewelers are far from coin experts, so they’re likely to pay lower prices than gold bullion and coin dealers and may not be able to identify low mintage or key date coins that you might have available, potentially costing you hundreds of dollars.
  4. Gold Bullion & Coin Dealers – These are the true experts when it comes to buying or selling gold coins in Atlanta.  These individuals tend to be most knowledgeable when it comes to gold coins, have a large network of individuals to whom they can buy and sell gold coins, are familiar with trends in the industry, can identify low mintage or key date coins, and pay among the most competitive rates in the industry.  The Better Business Bureau and social media sites are excellent ways to identify the best gold bullion and coin dealers in Atlanta.

In summary, while there are a number of places available where you can buy or sell gold coins in Atlanta, the clear choice is to conduct business with a reputable and experienced gold bullion or coin dealer.  These individuals place a high emphasis on building relationships, which is likely to serve you well in the future if you’re a regular buyer or seller of gold coins.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis