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4 Popular and Least Valuable US Silver Dollar & Dollar Coins

4 Popular and Least Valuable US Silver Dollar & Dollar Coins

Are you considering buying or selling dollar coins that were produced at the United States Mint? If so, it pays to know what they are worth so that you can make the best deal possible. How do you know? You will understand the pricing better when you know which are the most popular and least valuable.

Consider the following coins and how they stack up in popularity and price.


Most Popular US Silver Dollars

Popular coins have two distinctive advantages. First, a large number of collectors and investors want them, which means that they’re easy to sell. Whether your US Silver dollar be a Morgan, Peace, or Commemorative dollar, high demand creates a strong market and provides more potential buyers and higher prices.

Secondly, if they are very popular, there is a good chance that you will enjoy them, too.

Several factors can influence the value of a coin. People are drawn to coins that have beautiful designs, especially high-relief coins. Buyers often prefer larger coins and coins that have some historical connection or significance.

Rarity can also create demand, but if  a coin is so rare or obscure that few people know it exists, it won’t necessarily be popular. Popular coins tend to be those that are identified and desired by the general public.

Below are four of the most popular US silver dollar coins.



Morgan Silver Dollars

When the mint produced the Morgan silver dollar, it was not popular at all. In fact, it was so poorly received that millions of the coins lay idle in vaults or were melted for their precious metal content. Few people used them, and virtually no one wanted to collect them.Morgan Silver Dollar However, in recent years, all that has changed. In about 1960, the Morgan dollars became popular again. The price of silver was going up, and many people exchanged their old silver certificates for these dollars. Buyers like these coins for their affordability, their precious metal content, and their larger size.

If you are looking to sell Morgan Silver Dollars, keep in mind their value does not always move up or down with the spot price of silver. Every local coin shop is different, so call around to check prices in your local area.



Peace Silver Dollars

The Peace Dollar was minted for a limited time – from 1921-1928 and from 1934-1935. Yet, it remains one of the most popular U.S. dollar coins. The limited mintage of peace dollars is a part of the attraction. Another part of the reason is its historical value.

The mint produced these coins to commemorate the peace that followed the end of World War I.

The beautiful, radiant depiction of the crowned Lady Liberty struck a chord among people who were jubilant that the war was over, and the image is just as powerful today. Reverse designs like this one, with its bald eagle clutching an olive branch, also inspire visions of peace and patriotism.US Silver Peace Dollar

If you are looking to sell Peace Silver Dollars, keep in mind their value does not always move up or down with the spot price of Silver. Coin dealers value these coins differently, so we recommend that you check with local dealers in your area to compare prices.




Modern Commemorative US Silver Dollars

The modern commemorative coin program started in 1982, and these coins have always been popular among collectors. They have the same specifications as the Morgan and Peace dollars and contain .774 troy ounces of silver.Commemorative Silver Dollar: 1986 Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar

They offer representations of historic events that will never happen again, people who dramatically impacted the world, and places that hold a special significance or beauty.

The number of coins produced and subsequently the value varies based on the year and image. Most of the earlier issued coins trade as bullion coins while more recently produced coins are considered semi-numismatic coins. Whether for nostalgia over important figures and locations or the desire to acknowledge once-in-a-lifetime events, people love to add these silver dollar coins to their coin collection.



1oz American Silver Eagles

The 1 oz silver eagle coins are extremely popular both in the U.S. and around the world. The United States Mint only produces one official investment-quality silver coin, and this is it. Because of their high silver content, these coins have worth far beyond their one-dollar face value.

American Silver Eagle


Beyond that, eagles from various years, with certain mint marks, or different varies, such as the 1994 proof silver eagle, command an even higher price, which tends to appreciate more over time. This coin also has a beautiful design that collectors appreciate.






Least Valuable

Many factors determine coin value, and popularity is just one of them. In addition, supply and demand, precious metal content, and unpleasant associations can cause lower values. Which U.S. dollar coins are worth the least, well, the following are a few examples.


Sacagawea Dollar

When the mint introduced the Sacagawea dollar, many people were pleased that the coin featured a well-respected Native American woman. The design even included Sacagawea’s child, Jean Baptiste. Yet, these coins were unpopular and rarely used in commerce. Also called the Native American Dollar, this coin’s subject was far more popular than the resulting design.Sacagawea Dollar Coin


Some people attribute their poor reception to the somewhat unattractive design. In addition, these “golden coins” have little melt value, as the Native American $1 coin is neither silver nor gold but copper with a manganese brass cladding.

Many people who come across one of these coins often feel a sense of euphoria due to the fact the coin can come across as a gold dollar coin. Unfortunately, the color of the coin is from a metal called Manganese that is mixed into this coin.



Presidential Dollars

The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 stated that coins could be produced honoring every U.S. president that had been deceased for at least two years. Like the Sacagawea, these coins have a copper core and manganese brass cladding, so there’s little value in their content. As for the designs, they have a plain look which does little to add value to the coin.Presidential Dollar Coins There are a few Presidential Dollars that have more than face value. Those with mint errors may be worth more. For example, some of the early coins were missing the inscriptions “In God We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum.” These coins do have increased value over an ordinary presidential $1 coin.

Susan B. Anthony

Many women eagerly anticipated the release of the Susan B. Anthony dollar. Finally, a U.S. coin would feature an actual American woman who impacted history. However, there were several problems with this coin.

First of all, its smaller size and metal content were too close to the size and content of a quarter. Few people used these coins unless they accidentally confused them with quarters.Susan B Anthony Dollar Coin Some people hoarded them, but the U.S. government also set aside a stockpile of 500 million coins before any others were released. So, the supply is high while the demand is low. Except for a few mint errors and variations, Susan B. Anthony coins are worth no more than their face value.



Eisenhower Dollar Coins

Between 1935 and 1970, no dollar coins were issued by the US Mint, but that changed in 1971, when the mint introduced the Dwight D. Eisenhower dollar. Its design offered a portrait of Eisenhower on the obverse. The reverse sides had either a representation of the 1969 moon landing or a Liberty Bell with the moon in the background.

These designs made sense and paid homage to historical people and events, yet there was nothing beautiful about them.Eisenhower Dollar The coins meant for circulation were made of copper and nickel, while the uncirculated and proof versions produced by the San Francisco Mint were 40% silver. Therefore, they don’t bring the same price as coins with more silver content. A common misconception is that the Eisenhower Dollar coins are US 90% Silver coins, but keep in mind that is only true for those minted in 1964 or earlier.




Knowing which coins are popular and valuable is the first step to wise coin investing. Consider the design, the usability, and the historical significance of the design and the coin. Most importantly, talk to a precious metals investment advisor for help in recognizing the best coins to choose.

Invest in the right dollar coins for your portfolio with the help of our coin experts at Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the coin and precious metals industry, we can guide you as you choose your next coins. If you buy from or sell to us, we offer fair prices and exceptional transparency in our pricing processes.

For a silver coin dealer that you can rely on every time, you cannot do better than Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers. Start with a look at our resource on What You Need to Know Before You Sell Silver Dollar Coins, or simply contact us for a more personalized discussion. If you are looking to sell your Morgan dollars or sell your Peace Dollars, fill out our form to schedule an appointment.


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