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The Types of Rare Coins We Buy

The experienced dealers at Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers offer years of expertise in evaluating, appraising, and busying coins and coin collections. Customers appreciate our honest and transparent approach to doing business as well as our friendly service, flexible hours, and convenient online selling options. Our buying and selling rates are among the most competitive in the Atlanta metro area and across the nation.

Coins and Bullion We Purchase

We make competitive offers on individual coins, bullion, and coin collections of all types and sizes. Below are some of the coins that we regularly purchase:
  • Gold coins
  • Silver coins
  • Platinum coins
  • Old or rare coins (numismatics)
  • Foreign coins
  • Privately minted bullion, including bars and rounds

How We Determine Your Coin Value

We provide free, no-obligation appraisal services of coins and coin collections for local metro Atlanta, GA residents and individuals located outside of Atlanta, including out of state residents. Local customers can schedule an appointment and remain during the evaluation process or drop off their items and return them later. We also offer a safe, convenient mail-in appraisal service. We determine the value of your coins and bullion by considering many different factors, including:
  • Rarity
  • Year and time period
  • Mint mark (where the coin was produced)
  • Condition
  • Value of the metal
  • Certification

Why Choose Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers?

While many price guides are available in print and online to help you determine the current market value of your coins, information is sometimes conflicting and may be more confusing than helpful. At Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, we use a few trusted resources to accurately assess the value of your coins and coin collections. As members of the three largest coin dealer networks in the nation, we have access to their exclusive, up-to-date market information on nearly every U.S. coin that has ever been produced. We also use the Handbook of U.S. Coins, known as the Blue Book, the Bluesheet and the Greysheet, which is published monthly by the Coin Dealer Newsletter. We share the value of your coins listed in these resources with you during your appraisal. Many dealers will only quote between 50% and 60% of the prices listed in these resources. Depending on the item and current demand for the product, our offers generally range from 70% to 85% of the bid price, so you can feel confident that you’re receiving top dollar for your coins. The coin industry can be complicated, and without selecting the right coin dealer, you may not e able to realize the full value of your coins. At Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, we use our expertise to provide you with accurate information and fair offers that exceed most others in the industry. For more information on selling your coins to us or to request an appointment with us, contact us today at 404-236-9744.
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