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American Gold Eagle Bullion Coins – Proof Sets – 2001-W & 2004-W!

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve recently acquired complete 2001-W & 2004-W American Gold Eagle Proof Sets that we’re selling at prices below those of our competition. These coins come complete with a velvet display case, a certificate of authenticity and a handsome box from the U.S. Mint in which the coins are housed.

These coins are limited edition coins, with a mintage of approximately a third of standard American gold eagle bullion coins. What makes them unique is that the U.S. Mint created a special dye, which creates a mirror like finish background and a frosted foreground, making these some of the most beautiful gold coins ever minted.

The price of gold has recently increased in response to weak economic data, including a poor August jobs report, and a long term bond buying program announced by the Federal Reserve. Gold is likely to perform well as we approach what is being commonly referred to as “the fiscal cliff” at the beginning of 2013, as it’s considered a safe haven to which investors flee in times of economic crisis and uncertainty.

Gold Eagle proof coins differ from gold eagle bullion coins, as American gold eagle proof coins contain collectible or numismatic value in addition to the bullion value. As such, investors and collectors alike oftentimes place a premium on gold proof coins. They also tend to do better than standard gold bullion coins in a volatile precious metals market, which can help to provide some much needed stability in times of uncertainty.

Not only is Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers a seller of gold bullion and proof coins, but we’re also a buyer of gold eagle proof coins, so whether you’re in the market to buy or sell gold eagles, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers would welcome the opportunity to do business with you. Considering the recent demand for gold eagles, we don’t expect our new inventory of gold eagle proof coins to last long, so if you’ve been in the market to buy gold eagle proofs, we encourage you to call today to reserve yours while supplies last.

Gold Eagle Proof Set

Tony Davis
Tony Davis