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Ask the Coin Expert: New Feature from Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is pleased to announce that we’ve added a new feature to our website that we believe will be of benefit to our regular and prospective customers. We’re adding an “Ask the Coin Expert” option to our menu of newsletter options and will answer at least one question a week from our customers, if not more. We’ll attempt to address the most commonly asked questions, but are also happy to tackle some of the more obscure questions.

Why have we decided to add this feature to our website? We believe that there are a substantial amount of people that are new to buying and selling coins and don’t know quite where to begin. Others have been able to make some progress on their own, but may have hit a wall and aren’t quite sure how to proceed. Still others are just looking for some simple coin advice and are wary about following the advice of coin dealers who may be looking out for their best interests, and not those of their customers.

Our goal is to provide unbiased advice to help you make the best decision for you and your family. We realize that the coin and bullion industry can be overwhelming to individuals that aren’t in the industry, and whether you end up doing business with us or someone else, it’s our sincere hope that some of the knowledge that we’re able to impart will have you to make a well informed and financially beneficial decision.

Not only do we intend to answer as many questions as possible through our “Ask the Coin Expert” feature, but are also always happy to answer any questions that you might have during our free no-obligation coin appraisals. Thank you in advance for allowing us the opportunity to assist you with your coin buying and selling decisions, and look forward to earning your business!

Ask the Coin Expert

Tony Davis
Tony Davis