Deal of the Week: 1/2 pound Silver Eagles

Half Pound Silver Eagle

As many of you may have noticed, we have a new option on the home page of our website under the subscription field entitled “Deal of the Week.” It’s our intent to provide at least one special deal per week at additional discounted rates, so we recommend that you register to receive notification of our deal of the week specials. The deal of the week may include overstock items, recent purchases that we’ve made in bulk of the same items, or other random items that may differ slightly from our standard products.

We’re excited to announce that this week’s deal of the week is 1/2 pound silver eagles. We have approximately 10 of these highly sought after coins in stock. These commemorative silver coins are especially popular with fans of the American silver eagle coin, stackers and bulk silver buyers. When buying 1/2 lb silver eagles, it’s important to remember that a half a pound does not equate to 8 troy ounces of silver, as standard ounces and troy ounces are calculated differently. The correct weight to use when dealing in precious metals is troy ounces.

We’ll run through a quick exercise for those of you who may not be familiar with how to convert ounces into troy ounces. There are many ways to convert the weights, but in our example, it’s best to begin with converting ounces into grams. A half pound silver eagle is 8 ounces. Multiply 28 (the number of grams in a standard ounce) by 8 ounces to arrive at the total number of grams in a half pound silver eagle. In this case, it would be 224. To convert to troy ounces, divide 224 by 31.1 (the number of grams in a troy ounce) to arrive at the number of troy ounces, which is 7.2. Many folks online advertise these coins as 8 ounce coins, but as you can see, the actual silver weight is almost an ounce less.

We’re offering these coins at the low price of only $2.50 over spot per troy ounce, which is well below retail. Considering the bargain price at which we’re offering these coins, we’re requiring a minimum purchase of four coins. We recommend that you act fast, as these coins are sure to go quickly. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, as we have no plans on ordering more anytime soon.

Please call us at 404-236-9744 or send us an e-mail at to reserve your coins today. We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!

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