Gold Eagles, Gold Maple Leafs and 90% Silver Coins in Stock!

Gold Maple Leaf & Gold Eagle
An image of a gold eagle and gold maple leaf.

As one of the most active and aggressive buyers of rare and bullion coins in the Southeast, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is regularly adding to our inventory of gold and silver coins.  Some of our most recent acquisitions include one ounce American gold eagles, one ounce Canadian gold maple leaf coins and 90% U.S. silver coins minted in 1964 and earlier.

At the moment, and for a limited time, we’re able to offer our customers $500 and $1,000 face value bags of 90% silver coins composed of silver dimes and quarters.  While we already offer among the lowest rates in the industry for junk silver coins, our rates when selling silver coins in bulk are even less.

In addition to offering discounted rates on bulk silver coins, we’re also offering preferred rates on multiple one ounce gold coin purchases, so if you’ve been in the market to add a few one ounce gold bullion coins to your inventory for less, now is your opportunity.

While we have a large selection of gold and silver coins from which to choose, we’re also always interested in purchasing old, rare, gold, silver and coin collections of all types and sizes, and consistently pay rates above those of our peers, so whether you’re interested in buying or selling coins, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers should be your coin dealer of choice.

Tony Davis
Tony Davis