Off time - no update Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is Purchasing Silver Dollars at Top Rates!

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Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is Purchasing Silver Dollars at Top Rates!

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is Purchasing Silver Dollars at Top Rates!Silver Dollars

Updated 4/21/2022


Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers continues to place a high emphasis on the purchasing of silver dollars to meet customer demand and is paying higher rates for silver dollars than ever before.

We’re purchasing U.S. 90% dollar coins minted in 1935 and earlier in any condition.  Whether you have common date circulated condition dollar coins, uncirculated condition dollar coins or key date coins, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is an interested buyer.

For those individuals that are unfamiliar with old U.S. silver dollars, Morgan silver dollars were minted from 1878 – 1921.  All Morgan dollars minted in Carson City, which are designated by a “CC” mint mark, are key date coins and sell at a premium.  Other key date Morgan sdollars exist, namely those that were minted from 1893 – 1895.

Brief History of Silver Dollars

The mintage of Peace dollars began in 1921 and were produced through 1935.  The 1921 Peace dollar was a high relief low mintage coin that sells at a premium.  The other highly valued Peace dollar is the 1928 Peace dollar (no mint mark), which is the lowest mintage Peace dollar in existence.

Seated Liberty and Trade dollars were minted prior to the Morgan dollar, and are considered premium coins, even though some of these coins are fairly high mintage coins.  The age of these coins makes them desirable among investors and collectors alike.

Because we’re coin experts, we know how to properly identify and value all of the above silver dollars.

In summary, when it comes to selling your silver dollars, you’re not likely to find more knowledgeable and reputable coin dealers than Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers.


Give us a call today while demand remains high for these coins! You can now also request an appointment by filling out an online Appointment Request Form. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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Tony Davis
Tony Davis