Selling American silver eagles in Atlanta for rock bottom prices has been Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers’ MO for quite some time.  Typically we sell these coins within a couple of hours of announcing a new inventory of American silver eagles.  While we have plenty of regular customers that would gladly take these coins off our hands, we thought that we would make a general announcement in hopes of expanding our customer base, as we suspect that there are a number of individuals in the metro Atlanta area that are interested in buying American silver eagles at prices well below those offered by our competition.

Our most recent offering consists of two rolls of uncirculated American silver eagles in U.S. Mint coin tubes.  The premium demanded by most Atlanta coin dealers for American silver eagles, in our opinion, is unreasonable.  While the U.S. Mint is charging coin dealers a premium of over $3 per coin, there’s no reason that these coins should be selling for sometimes as high as $6 – $8 over the spot price of silver.

Our approach to business is slightly different in that our business model is focused on high volume and low margins.  It’s more important for us to establish long term relationships with our customers as opposed to selling American silver eagles, or any other gold or silver coins, for that matter, at the absolutely highest prices possible.

While you’re likely to make a one time sale with such an approach, especially for American silver eagles, which are in extremely high demand and have nearly vanished from the market place, that customer will likely spend more time in the future researching Atlanta coin dealers and the prices at which they’re selling American silver eagles to obtain the best possible prices in Atlanta.

If you’ve been in the market to buy American silver eagles at a very reasonable price, and at a substantial discount relative to the spot price of silver from late April/early May, give us a call today at 404-236-9744.  As is in the case with previous offerings, we don’t expect these coins to last for more than a couple of hours, so the time to act is now!

We’re also active buyers of gold and silver coins and offer extremely competitive prices for these coins, so don’t hesitant to contact us if you’re interested in selling any gold, silver, or numismatic coins that you might have available.

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