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Selling Silver Dollars? We’re Buying! Contact us to Receive Top Dollar

Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers, Atlanta’s leading coin dealer, is currently experiencing a low inventory of old silver dollars, and is offering extremely aggressive pricing to those individuals who are interested in selling silver dollars.

What type of silver dollars are we interested in purchasing? All types, including Flowing Hair silver dollars, Draped Bust silver dollars, Seated Liberty silver dollars and Trade silver dollars, but in particular, we’re in search of Morgan and Peace silver dollars. Morgan silver dollars were minted from 1878 – 1921 and Peace silver dollars were minted from 1921 – 1935.

With the current price of silver being close to this year’s high, now is an excellent time to sell your silver dollars. Additionally, with the holidays coming up, if you’re like most individuals, you’re in need of some additional cash for presents, so cash your silver dollars in today to prepare for all of the amazing deals that will be offered on Black Friday.

Unlike most silver coin dealers, Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers is an expert when it comes to silver dollars. That means that you’ll not only receive a fair price for your common date average circulated condition Morgan and Peace dollars, but you’ll also receive a premium for semi key date, key date, and uncirculated condition silver dollars.

As one of the Southeast’s largest buyers of silver dollars, we’re able to quickly and accurately identify and value all types of silver dollars so that you receive the most value for your silver dollars. Some other buyers of silver dollars will simply pay you a flat rate for all of your silver dollars or worse yet, weigh them up like scrap silver and offer a price based on the weight of the silver.

We believe in treating our customers fairly, as is evidenced through the number of positive customer reviews that we’ve received on this site and elsewhere, and would never offer you a flat rate without carefully inspecting and evaluating the silver dollars that you have available for sale.

In summary, if you’re interested in selling silver dollars during this holiday season, you’re not likely to receive more competitive pricing or exceptional customer service than at Atlanta Gold & Coin Buyers. We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!

Selling Silver Dollars

Tony Davis
Tony Davis