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Buy 90% Silver Coins for Melt Value – See How!

Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers has been accumulating junk silver coins for a while, and we just recently had an opportunity to go through our inventory of 90% silver coins.  One positive is that we have a better grasp of the inventory that we have on file.  Furthermore, we’ve identified a number of 90% silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and even a silver dollar or two that we refer to as “cull” coins that we’ve decided to sell at melt value, based on the weight of the coins!

Cull coins are coins that coin a good bit of wear and oftentimes have a date that is only partially legible or completely missing from the coins.  So how do we know that these are silver coins?  Most of them are Barber Head dimes, quarters, and half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars, Standing Liberty quarters, and Mercury dimes.  All of these coins were minted prior to 1965 (oftentimes mistakenly referred to as pre-1964 coins), so there is no question that these coins contain 90% silver.

In cases where the front (obverse) or reverse doesn’t tell the story, we’re able to determine if they contain silver content by viewing the edge or rim of the coins.  Coins minted after 1964 contain a copper edge that is unmistakable.  When viewing the edge of silver coins, you should see a solid silver line, which is the case with all of the cull silver coins that we’ve accumulated.  Of course, you’re under no obligation to buy 90% silver coins that you’re not able to identify or are uncomfortable with.

So how many coins do we have available?  While we haven’t counted the total number of coins, we’ve weighed the coins on hand, which total 72.25 troy ounces!  Before the end of the weekend, we wouldn’t be surprised if we add to the total offering.  Considering that these coins have more wear than typical 90% silver coins, we’re not selling the coins by the face value of the coins, as we don’t believe that would be fair.  Rather, we’re selling the coins according to the weight desired and will sell them based on the spot price of silver at the time of your appointment.

Considering that most coin dealers sell junk silver or 90% silver coins at a premium, with no deductions for wear, this is a can’t miss opportunity!  In fact, this might possibly be the least expensive way to buy 90% silver coins.  Not only is this an inexpensive way to buy 90% silver coins, but this is an opportunity to pick up older 90% silver coins that you may not have in your collection.  Some of these coins, such as Barber Head dimes, quarters, and half dollars typically sell at a decent premium.

We’re also offering this week high quality 80% silver Canadian silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars that we’re selling at melt value.  These coins are highly recognizable the world over and contain a high level of silver content – moreso than the silver content of silver coins minted in many other countries.  Not only do we sell Canadian silver coins, but we’re also regular buyers of 80% silver Canadian coins, as well as silver coins from any other country – not just those that are .999 fine silver.

Contact Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers today at 404-236-9744 to buy 90% silver coins in worn condition or high quality 80% silver Canadian silver coins for melt value!  These coins aren’t likely to last long at this price, so don’t delay.  This deal is only being offered while supplies last.  We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business!

Tony Davis
Tony Davis