Newly Released From the U.S. Mint: The American Eagle 1 Ounce Silver Proof Coin Set

The United States Mint recently released the latest version of the American Eagle 1 Ounce Silver Proof coin. This coin is the collector’s version of the official silver bullion coin issued by the U.S. Mint. Only a limited number are minted each year, and they make the perfect addition to any coin collection, as well as an investment for those who buy and sell silver coins.


A picture of the American Eagle 1 Ounce Silver Proof Coin

The American Eagle Silver Proof coins have been one of the most popular collectors’ items on the market since their inception. First authorized in 1986 by Public Law 99-61, they carry the same design as the official silver bullion coins struck by the U.S. Mint. Like the business strike bullion silver eagle, proof silver eagles are only available in 1 oz sizes and contain 99.99 percent pure silver. The proof editions also carry a “W,” the mark of the West Point Mint. In addition to this signature mint mark, proof coins are struck multiple times and incorporate special dies and casts. This creates a mirror-like finish background and frosted foreground. These finely struck examples with exquisite details and a stunning finish make them prized the world over by people who buy and sell silver coins.


The iconic design of the American Eagle Silver Proof coins is instantly recognizable. The obverse displays Adolph A. Weinman’s lady liberty in full stride, enveloped in the American flag with branches of oak and laurel in her left hand and her right hand extended. The reverse contains the majestic American eagle from which the coin gets its name. Designed by engraver John Mercanti, the heraldic eagle, the seal of the United States of America, clutches an olive branch in the right talon and arrows in the left, denoting the power of both peace and war.

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Tony Davis
Tony Davis